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The Florida Field Naturalist (FFN) is a quarterly publication of the Florida Ornithological Society, comprised of articles and notes from scientific members of our community. Topics consist of results of biological field studies, distributional records, and natural history observations of vertebrates, especially birds. Its geographic area includes Florida, adjacent states, the Bahamas, and nearby West Indies. The University of South Florida Libraries are the official depository for the Florida Ornithological Society. Our publication can be found online, but members of FOS receive a printed copy as part of their membership benefits. Please consider getting involved in the Florida Field Naturalist by becoming a member, placing a donation, or submitting an article.

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Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation

Florida Field Naturalist is a refereed journal emphasizing biological field studies and observations of vertebrates, especially birds, in or near Florida and the nearby West Indies. We welcome submission of original manuscripts containing new information from these areas.

Please consult recent issues of the journal for style, noting especially that manuscripts should:

(1) be double-spaced throughout, including table and figure captions;

(2) include the scientific name at the first mention of each species;

(3) include capitalized standard english names for all birds, but lower case for english names of other organisms;

(4) use metric units for all measurements;

(5) use the form “7 June 2003” for all dates;

(6) use the 24-hour clock for all indications of time (e.g., 0800, 1400);

(7) use the following abbreviations: s (second), min (minute), h (hour);

(8) use active voice where at all possible.

(9) Format the literature cited section following the font style and other formatting in previously published issues.

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While the Florida Ornithological Society wants the many excellent articles and notes in the Florida Field Naturalist to be available to the general public and the scientific community, it costs money to publish our journal. Please consider joining our society and make a contribution to our publication.

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The Florida Field Naturalist publishes articles and notes on vertebrates – especially birds – from Florida, adjacent states, the Bahamas, and nearby West Indies.

We accept submissions on the following topics:

Biological field studies

 Distributional records

 Natural history observations of vertebrates, especially birds

 Reviews and commentaries of books, monographs, and other material of interest

If you would like to send us a submission, please fill out the contact form and the Editor, Dr. Rindy Anderson, will get back you soon.

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