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Shaping the Next Generation of Birders in Florida

The Florida Young Birders Club is a nature-based program that was founded in 2021 and is sponsored by the Florida Ornithological Society (FOS). The founders from Tampa Audubon, Orange Audubon and the St. Johns Regional Audubon chapters decided to work together to reach as many youth throughout Florida as possible. As a result, there are local chapters forming all around the state! Each chapter is sponsored by a local Audubon chapter and supported by adult mentors.

The goals of the club are to encourage, educate and empower youth conservation leaders and to build a community of youth who love birds. We want to bring young birders together and provide mentors for youth who are interested in learning about Florida’s birds, natural history, bird conservation and potential careers involving the natural world.

If you are between the ages of 9 and 17 and interested in birds, you are invited to join our club! We welcome young birders from anywhere in Florida for any of the bird outings or activities. Come learn about Florida’s special birds, their conservation and potential careers in bird conservation!

If you’d like to learn more about the Florida Young Birders Club or purchase merchandise, please visit their website.

Find your chapter

We currently have Florida Young Birders Club chapters in the following regions of Florida:

Tampa Bay

Orlando/Central Florida

First Coast

Treasure Coast

Manasota/Southwest Florida


If you don’t see a chapter in your area and are interested in starting one contact us at fybcmedia@gmail.com.

Join the Club

Become a member of Florida Young Birders Club! Get access to our events and meet fellow young birders. It just costs $10/year and requires a completed member survey to join.

Send dues via PayPal to Florida Ornithological Society, Inc and write “Florida Young Birders Club membership” in the description.


Sparking a Passion for Conservation

  Create a community for young birders throughout Florida and beyond!

  Promote volunteering and contributing through service projects.

  Foster an interest in natural history and encourage young people to spend more time outside.

  Introduce young people to career opportunities in the wildlife, research, and conservation fields.

  Connect young birders with adult mentors willing to share their time, knowledge, and transportation.


Support Our Efforts

If you would like to support the activities of the Florida Young Birders Club, please consider donating below.

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If you have any questions or comments about the Florida Young Birders Club, please reach out to our organizers through this contact form and we’ll get back you shortly.

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Meetings & Events

November 10–12, 2023 | St. Pete, FL

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