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Occasionally, students of the wildlife of Florida need a longer format for publication of research results, reviews, species accounts, or basic reference materials than cannot be accommodated by the article format of our quarterly publication, Florida Field Naturalist. We created our “Special Publications” series to provide such an outlet. The length of the Florida Ornithological Society Special Publications has ranged from 43 to 435 pages, and the rate of publication has been a steady one per decade since the 1970’s except for a burst of activity in the 1990’s with three publications. Most Special Publications are solely soft cover, but two have been published in soft- and hard-cover.

Florida Breeding Bird Atlas II

by Florida Ornithological Society and University of South Florida Libraries

Florida Bird Species: An Annotated List, No. 8

by Jon S. Greenlaw, Bill Pranty, and Reed Bowman

The Breeding Birds of Florida

G.E. Woolfenden, W.B. Robertson, Jr., and J.A. Cox

Florida Bird Species: An Annotated List, No. 6

by William B. Robertson, Jr. and Glen E. Woolfenden

West Indian Bird Records in American Birds and Audubon Field Notes (1947-1990)

by R.W. Loftin

Florida Bird Records In American Birds and Audubon Field Notes (1947-1989)

by R.W. Loftin, G.E. Woolfenden, and J.A. Woolfenden

Status and Distribution of the Florida Scrub Jay

by Jeff A. Cox

The Carolina Parakeet in Florida

by Daniel McKinley

Species index to Florida Bird Records in Audubon Field Notes and American Birds

by M.C. Bowman

2012 – 2024

Florida Breeding Bird Atlas II (FL BBA II)

The Florida BBA II is a product of the Florida Ornithological Society (FOS) and hundreds of volunteers, working together and independently, based on a scientific survey design and in concert with the U.S. Geologic Service Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. Breeding bird population data allow comparison of current distributions to those recorded during the first atlas and with results in other states, potentially documenting range changes across the southeast U.S. This atlas was published as an FOS Special Publication and can be read online or in print.

Florida BBA II species accounts includes:


BBA I and BBA II species maps. Jim Cox has made BBA II maps for approximately 200 species. Comparison of BBA I and BBA II maps provides the basis of an evaluation of changes in breeding distribution over the 25-year period between the atlas efforts.
 USGS Breeding Bird Survey graphs for surveywide and Florida population trends.
Diane Pierce artwork (the same artwork as in BBA I) and additional species.
A brief (400 word) species account and population change evaluation.
An online version of BBA II thanks to a  collaboration with the University of South Florida Libraries.

Rick West initiated the effort, convincing FOS Presidents and leaders from Patuxent to begin breeding bird surveys across Florida, conducted by hundreds of FOS volunteer bird experts during the springs and summers of 2011-2016. Rick and Patuxent staff collected the data and Jim Cox created the maps showing, for each species, where birds were found nesting in both surveys.

 Special Publications Editor Ann Hodgson worked with a BBA II Committee consisting of FOS President Ann Paul, Jim Cox, Adam Kent, David Stock, Mary Mack Gray, and Todd Engstrom and oversaw the publication of the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA) II. Over fifty Florida bird scientists and experts wrote the individual species accounts. Florida bird artist Diane Pierce donated the use of her bird sketches from the BBA I and inked additional sketches for bird species that were not included in BBA I. She also donated original art of nesting Snail Kites in flight for the front page. University of South Florida Librarian Dr. Todd Chavez directed his staff led by Dr. Amanda Boscar who collated, formatted, and published the BBA II online in November 2023.

Draft species map of the American Crow by Jim Cox.

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